Needed trail supplies list

Essential supplies

Everything on this list is for 3 people


Gall Salve

100 feet of nylon cord

pack saddle pads (3)

trail master pack systems (2)

hobbles (3 sets )

feed bags (6)

canvas covers (3)

extra reins

hole punch extra latigos

folding buckets

various sizes Ziploc bags

Ferrier tools easy boots all horses (6 sets )

horse and dogs first aid kits

sun screen

fly repellent

lip balm

space blankets

lighters and candles

dura cord

GPS navigation

Go Pros

satellite radios or phones

charging systems

gel pads for saddles

3 pair of bicycle pants with padding in extra-large, large and small sizes

breathable shirts long sleeves ex large, large and small

gloves Large,med.small

Rain coats (3)

water proofing spray

tarps 1 large and 3 small tarps

whistles (3)

water proof matches and containers

fire starter flints and magnesium

sewing kit

storage bags (6)

5 gal collapsible water containers

first aid kit

2 lanterns (must use the same fuel as the stove does)



hand wipes

small fold up chairs (3)

cook stove and fuel containers

camping pots and pans

knife and forks spoons

olive oil

dish soap

shampoo and conditioner


spatula and fork and large spoon

coffee pot

salt and pepper coffee sugar

2 small roll up tables from outfitters supply

sleeping bags and pads

solar shower bags

water purifier

freeze dried food

dried milk onions and potatoes vegies


hard tack candy


breakfast bars

trail mix

dried fruit

vitamins and probiotics for humans and dogs

complete feed for horses

extra fuel stove and lanterns

Wish list

Light weight trail saddles (3)





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