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Our endeavor to ride the Colorado Trail is in support of  Lighthouse Pregancy Resource Center in Westcliffe Colorado. To make a donation directly to the Center in the name of "Cowgirls Ride for Life" you may click on the link for the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center  Web Site at:


Lighthouse pregnancy resources exists to help women in crisis arrive at healthy, biblically-based decisions. Our primary purpose is to provide women facing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies learn of all the choices for full-term pregnancy with complete information, support, and prayer. We offer Peer counseling, friendship, some material aid, information, education, and compassion freely in regard to crisis pregnancies, marriage, economic advice, child rearing, and other life events. We are a Christian 501(c)(3) organization upholding the value of life from conception on. We seek to minister the message of the Gospel in practical, personal, and productive ways.



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Cowgirls Ride For Life LLC
PO Box 1578

Westcliffe, Colorado 81252

Phone: 719 783-9756 719 783-9756


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